Extremely versatile voice and great acting skills have enabled the musical and dramatic talent Cristina Baggio to perform a vast and varied repertoire that sees highest expression in the dramatic roles. She just performed as Salome in the production of M.Schweigkofer awarded as Best Italian Production 2012 by OpernWelt.

She has scored notable personal success as Renata in Prokofiev's L’Ange de Feu (live broadcast by ARTE Live Web) and was awarded as “Best Female Performer 2010” at the Armel Opera Competition and Festival. She has also won top prizes from numerous international competitions (AsLiCo, Toti Del Monte, Iris Adami Corradetti, Martinelli-Pertile).

Cristina made her debut in Parma, Regio Theatre, in Donizetti's Marin Faliero, singing alongside such great singers as Pertusi, Blake, Devia, or Servile. Since that moment she has been invited by numerous national and international theatres and festivals: Naples, Venice, Rome, Parma, Verona, Macerata, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Emirates, and the USA.

She collaborates with great conductors such as G. Gelmetti, O. Dantone, Y. Abel, J. Tate, G. Noseda, P. Morandi, G. Andretta, A. Marcon, G. Tourniaire, N. Bareza, as well as with great directors on stage, among them P. L. Pizzi, D. Abbado, M. Martone, S. Purcărete, J. L. Martinoty e T. Reinhard.

After receiving her BA in psycho pedagogy with highest honors, she got her degree "cum laude" in Lyric Voice and Vocal Chamber Music. Cristina Baggio studied in Salzburg, Philadelphia (AVA), New York, and recently she received the "Highest Performer Degree in Lyric Singing" in Modena with Raina Kabaivanska.

Cristina Baggio is one of those artists who must be experienced live. She must be seen on stage. She is a woman of strong charisma and stunning beauty, and an amazingly talented actress. She devotes herself to the role she performs and totally identifies herself with it.